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To apply please forward a CV and cover letter detailing how your professional experience and educational background satisfy the above qualifications to: before 1st December, 2010.

Dear Pak Hariyanto,

Terima kasih atas bantuannya. Berikut ini TOR dari posisi yg sedang kami cari. Mohon disebarkan juga di kalangan teman2 yg mungkin berminat dan memiliki kualifikasi yg sesuai dengan TOR ini. Terima kasih.


Windy Triastuti
HR Administrator
Clinton Foundation Indonesia

On Behalf of the National AIDS Commission
Terms of Reference for HIV/AIDS Supply Chain Commodities Consultant
Jakarta, Indonesia

Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Overview
The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) assists countries in implementing large-scale, integrated programs to turn the tide on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. CHAI partners with governments in developing countries to scale-up HIV/AIDS care and treatment. The host governments take overall responsibility for the programs; the Foundation provides technical assistance, mobilizes human resources, and facilitates the sharing of best practices across projects and countries. The ultimate objective in each of these countries is to assist governments in making high-quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment available to all who need it, and to develop replicable models for large-scale programs in other resource-limited settings.
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Since 2008, CHAI has supported the Indonesian national response in various areas, including supporting MOH in strengthening the supply chain system for HIV/AIDS testing and treatment. Specifically, CHAI supports Sub.Dit AIDS to carry out strategic initiatives that impact multiple supply chain functions.
In 2010, the Indonesian National AIDS Commission (Komisi Penanggulan AIDS, or KPA) requested CHAI’s technical assistance for the design of a supply chain system that will enable KPA to manage the data management, forecasting, planning ordering, storage, and distribution of HIV/AIDS prevention commodities to outlets throughout the country. To date, KPA has drafted an initial design for the desired supply chain system. CHAI’s role will be to provide leadership and advice to see the design through to completion and lay the foundation for implementation.
On behalf of the KPA, CHAI is currently seeking a short-term HIV/AIDS Supply Chain Commodities Consultant to contribute to these efforts.

HIV/AIDS Supply Chain Commodities Consultant

Location: Based in Jakarta

Job Description:

The HIV/AIDS Supply Chain Commodities Consultant will identify, diagnose, and resolve operational supply chain gaps to ensure the availability of HIV Prevention Commodities distributed by KPA to a targeted 15,000 outlets by the end of 2012.
The HIV/AIDS Supply Chain Commodities Consultant will work for KPA with technical support and supervision from CHAI to assist the KPA team in KPA’s supply chain and logistics system development.
This is a full time position. A dynamic, systematic and entrepreneurial individual with a proven track record in health care commodities supply chain management is sought for this role. This is a short-term contract through June 2011, with the possibility to extend based on need and budget availability.

Responsibilities and Deliverables:

NB: Time frames are indicative and subject to confirmation with KPA and the Commodities Consultant. However, they provide a framework for accomplishing the agreed goals by the required deadlines.

Assessment and Design (~2 weeks)
* Conduct an assessment on current supply chain and logistics operations to identify improvement opportunities and implementation recommendations for KPA to manage and support the target number of outlets
* Assess the inputs needed, in terms of time, cost, human resources and capacity in order to meet the target, or advise on a revised target
* Work with KPA to finalize the supply chain system as well as a timeframe for implementation and coverage targets.
* Collaborate with other relevant stakeholders as necessary to ensure coordination into the existing systems and shared understanding where the system depends on multiple partners.
* Summarize conclusions in writing

Development of Tools and Procedures (~2 weeks)
* With KPA staff, develop and agree on the tools and procedures required to implement the agreed system including but not limited to, job descriptions, SOPs, reporting forms, performance measurement indicators etc.
* Compile a toolkit comprising all resulting tools and procedures

Staffing (~2 months)
* Define the human resources needed at the national, provincial, and district levels of the KPA to support the supply chain.
* Advise on the job description development and, if required, support the hiring of new staff at the provincial and district levels to support commodities distribution. If new staff are not required secure the allocation of existing staff to carry out the tasks necessary.

Socialization and Training (~1 week)
* Assist KPA to provide an overview of the supply chain system to key users at the national, provincial, and district levels of KPA.
* Ensure the rollout of trainings to provincial and district KPA staff on the requirements of the supply chain system. Address implementation challenges as they arise
* Document lessons learned

Supporting, Evaluating and Refining Implementation (~2 months)
* Using the agreed targets and performance measurement indicators, assess the implementation of the system in the first set of districts and provinces.
* Provide some site level monitoring to gather feedback on the ease of implementation and process as well as outputs
* Troubleshoot and provide additional support where weaknesses are identified
* Document lessons learned and revise tools and plans for future roll-out of system

Handover (~1 month)
* Ensure that all ongoing tasks performed as Short Term Commodities Consultant are allocated to KPA staff.
* Equip the KPA with the necessary training on processes and tools so KPA can take on full responsibility for the commodity management going forward.
* Ensure that a feasible scale-up strategy is in place and that the resources required are both clearly defined and available.
* Compile all previous reports and respond to any additional information or analysis requests from KPA to produce a complete tool kit for implantation and scale up plans.

Desired Qualifications:

* Minimum 5 years of experience in supply chain operations management, especially in distribution of health commodities that covers regional distribution and distribution to very small outlets
* Experience in public health programs preferred, with a minimum of 3 years of experience in designing and executing supply chain systems in resource-limited settings, and a proven track record of impact/success.
* Experience collaborating with team members with diverse backgrounds and skills to achieve a goal.
* Experience in project management
* Ability to work in a public sector environment to accomplish goals and favorably influence decision making processes in a diplomatic and collaborative manner
* Ability to work independently and take initiative; excellent strategic, critical thinking and problem solving skills required
* Ability to communicate effectively and write a consultancy report in professional-level English and professional-level Bahasa Indonesia
* Ability to travel within Indonesia
* Ability to meet deadlines, working on a tight schedule
* High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office software, particularly Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
* This position is open only for Indonesian nationals.

Commensurate with experience

How to apply
To apply please forward a CV and cover letter detailing how your professional experience and educational background satisfy the above qualifications to: before 1st December, 2010.

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