PQM: as AEP for Indonesia

PT Proquaman Konsultan (shortened as PQM Consulting) also known as Productivity and Quality Management Consultants has been appointed by APICS to become AEP (Authorized Education Provider) in Indonesia. PQM as AEP will collaborate with IPOMS as IA in Indonesia and provide education program for APICS certification.

APICS CPIM Certification program is devided into several modules and examined one at a time:

  • BSC (Basics of Supply Chain Management)
  • MPR (Master Planning of Resources)
  • DSP (Detailed Scheduling and Planning)
  • ECO (Execution and Control of Operations)
  • SMR (Strategic Management of Resources)

Whilst the CSCP certification program is divided into several sub-modules which are examined all at one time:

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  2. 2. Building Competitive Operations, Planning, and Logistics
  3. 3. Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships
  4. 4. Using Information Technology to Enable Supply Chain Management

Answering the needs for quality education program with APICS standard, PQM will provide the CSCP education program along with CPIM modules.

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